Wednesday, April 1, 2009

THE SMALL TOWN CRITIC HAS MOVED!!! Yep, to a new site...

New site...


Alternate link...

That's right, folks. I've launched a new, self-hosted site to be free of the limitations and restrictions of Blogger. It's been a long month of working on it, and I feel it's sharper and more functional than this one.

Nuts to that. It's flat out awesome.

There's still a lot of work to do on my end, but it's ready for you to navigate and enjoy. I've already transferred all of the old posts (but I lost the comments on the first 100 posts... BOO to Blogger for botching up that part of the transfer!).

If you have this site saved as a favorite, please delete the old URL and SAVE THE NEW ONE ON YOUR BROWSER.

If you have subscribed to this site by email, THERE WILL BE NO NEW POSTS HERE. Please re-subscribe at the new site (sorry for the inconvenience).

If you have subscribed by RSS reader, please delete the previous RSS subscription in your reader and re-subscribe to the new feed here... Subscribe in a reader

Thanks for being a valued reader! Continue reading my reviews at the new site where I will continuously include new features, downloads, videos and other cool stuff.

So long, Blogger. Onwards and upwards!